at Lewis & Bark Boarding

About our Kennel

Each of our boarding dogs has their own spacious kennel, each with attached 10’ outside run to allow access to fresh air and sunshine. We have two separate kennel areas: one for our larger breeds and one to accommodate our smaller dogs who might be intimidated by our larger guests.

Our kennel area is clean, bright and comfortable, and equipped with fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Music is played throughout the kennel area, and nightlights are provided at night.

We are protected by NCC Security Systems, and to help ensure the cleanest environment for your pet we are equipped with PetAirapy, a 24 hour air sanitizing system. Our kennel is heated in winter, and we have central air for summer months.

Lewis & Bark Boarding offers daily leashed walks on four groomed walking trails on 66 acres through meadows and woods. There are 3 separate fenced in play yards for “free play” offering a kiddie pool for those hot days, ball/frisbee games and agility toys. Our larger guests can run and get plenty of exercise in our 50’ X 80’ play yard, always with supervision and interaction.

Our smaller pens – to accommodate our smaller guests - are perfect for sniffing, running or relaxing in the sun.



All breed dog grooming by a certified pet groomer.  If you would like just a tidy-up or complete grooming service we can help.  We offer all breed grooming including nail trimming, ear cleaning, bathing and styling.

Call or email today to request an appointment. For $15 we are able to accomodate morning drop-off and evening pickup durning our normal boarding pickup and drop off windows. 8am - 9am and 6pm-7pm. Otherwise an appointment can be made by calling 315.964.7740 or emailing

>Temperature controlled drying
> Natural products
> Lots of TLC
> Grooming services are available by appointment or can be scheduled with boarding.

2020 Grooming rates:

0-19 lbs. - $40
20-29 lbs. - $45
30-39 lbs. - $50
40-49 lbs. - $55
50-59 lbs. - $60
60-69 lbs. - $65
70-79 lbs. - $70
80-89 lbs. - $75
90-99 lbs. - $80
100-126 lbs. - $90
127-150 lbs. - $100
151-176 lbs. - $120
176-200 lbs. - $130

Pedicure - $10
Anal Glands - $10
Ears - $5

*Pricing is for a standard groom and includes Furminator treatment. Hand scissoring or “show groom” is an extra $40/hr. Labradoodles and doodle mixes typically take 2.5-3.5 hours for this kind of cut. Prices can vary depending coat condition of dog and if dog requires extra attention and time for those with anxiety or aggression.